Welcome to our Art Site For Ending Cancer in Our Generation

Our Plug-in we built this site on crashed and now it is not nearly as pretty. We hope that between this site and our vendor site, we will be able to help as many survivors, caregivers and their support circles as possible. 

This is site is currently experiencing issues

Please bear with us as we try to build a small community here that works in conjunction with eciog.org and endingcancerinourgeneration.org but right now it has been a struggle. We are so incredibly small and when things break the solution is always money. Yes, if we had money we could pay for your business or enterprise level plugin and my life would be so much easier, but that is not possible. It is more important to give out a scholarship and grant every year than to pay more money to Dokan AND Elementor AND WordPress (everything from the cache to the image optimizer) AND Jetpack AND forms AND Memberships AND everything in between. We will be trying to get it under control and this item being used for its intended purpose soon!

Thank you for your understanding.

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Our Programs

Ram Scholarship for the Arts

The Ram Scholarship for the Arts is open to young adult survivors. We recently voted to raise the age to 21, Please note applicants diagnosed between 18-21 will still be considered. 


Kairi Love Grant for Caregivers and Friends

The Kairi Love Grant for Caregivers and Friends is open to all cancer caregivers regardless of age and student status is not required.  

FREE Art Community

Our Art community is and always will be free. Individual paid memberships may be available through community sections depending on the posting artist. However, vendor accounts are available on our .org site.  

Every year we hold an online art auction to raise money for our programs and services.